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8. aprillil kõneleb haridusteaduste instituudis Rochesteri Ülikooli teadlane April Luehmann

8. aprillil kell 10.00 kuni 13.45 toimub Jakobi 5 ruumis 151 seminar „Teachers’ engagement in Design-Based Research – the COVID Connects Us Project“, mida juhib kaasprofessor April Luehmann (Warner School of Education, University of Rochester). Osalemiseks tuleb registreeruda siin, registreerimine on avatud kuni 1. aprillini.

April Luehmann on seminari tutvustuseks kirjutanud: „Learning together through cycles of design, implementation and analysis, design-based research (DBR) allows teachers to work collaboratively to address a common persistent problem of practice. Our current COVID Connects Us project engages 55 middle and high school science teachers in three sites across the country to work in nine small professional learning communities (PLCs) to do just that. Inspired by a shared experience of teaching a common introductory science unit at the beginning of the school year called COVID Connects Us, each PLC created a theory of change, outlining a strategy to implement and test in each of their classrooms. In this seminar, I will share the goals and structure of the COVID project, the focal topics taken up by the different PLCs, and what we have learned so far about supporting them.“ 


10.00-11.30 seminar

11.30-12.15 lõuna

12.15-13.15 seminar

Üritus toimub Tartu Ülikooli ASTRA projekti PER ASPERA haridus- ja kasvatusteaduste doktorikooli raames, mida toetab Euroopa Liidu Regionaalarengu Fond.

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