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On 16 May, the Estonian Doctoral School Career Conference will be held in Tallinn to discuss the value of doctoral studies and the career prospects of doctoral students. All Estonian doctoral students and those interested in doctoral studies are welcome to attend.
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The theme week, running from 5 to 11 February, will include a social media campaign highlighting the work and achievements of women researchers.
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The Digital Cleanup Week will take place at the University of Tartu for the fourth time from 22 to 26 January.
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Tartu Ülikooli personaliosakond on uuendanud võrdse kohtlemise temaatikat käsitlevat veebilehte.


Pedagogicum, University of Tartu

Pedagogicum of the University of Tartu is coordinating teacher education at the university and ensuring collaboration of teacher education departments and schools. Established in 2009, Pedagogicum represents the University in issues of teacher education and educational research, organises activities in these fields and makes proposals for initiating and updating legislation on teacher education and education in general. In addition to Estonian collaborations, the Pedagogicum also supports international communication.

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TÜ peahoone Eesti Vabariigi ja EL lipuga

About Pedagogicum

Tartu Ülikoooli peahoone

Council of the Pedagogicum of University of Tartu